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They formed more than 30 years ago, have been releasing records almost as long, and still today they appeal to just about everyone, from mums and dads to teenage NME readers - a journal whose cover they have uniquely graced in each of their four decades as a group. It is no exaggeration to say that U2 are the first rock band ever to have remained both a commercial and critical success story across such an enormous timeframe, yet by the mid-1990s the game was almost up; the group were considering a split having lost credibility, much of their fan base and most of their enthusiasm. This film tells the story of the massive regeneration of U2 during the new millennium. Across two stunning and classic albums, a world tour to accompany each, numerous side projects and a fresh attitude that not only drew the old fans back in droves, but equally attracted huge swathes of new devotees, the "noughties" was just as much U2's decade as the eighties had been. Featuring rare and classic footage of U2, interviews with all the band members and with their closest colleagues, friends, producers etc., contributions and review from the finest writers and music journalists (Johnny Rogan, Matt Snow, Gavin Martin and many others), news footage and location shoots and a host of other features, this DVD uniquely shows how a band can, using intelligence, soul and plenty of classic song writing, revive not just career but a whole way of life.

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