the blow monkeys london

Some people, however many times they read that spider monkeys are not good pets, decide to buy one. This book is a guide of how to make the monkeys as happy as possible in a domesticated environment, knowing that they will never really be happy as they are born to live in the wild.There really is no "good way" of keeping any monkeys as pets and the spider monkey is no exception. Spider monkeys are strong, wild animals who can cause serious damage if taken away from their natural environment. They can become very scared, very aggressive towards other animals and human beings and often, they end up in very poor health. Too many monkeys die because their owners don't know how to care for them.A lot of monkeys are bought from the black market but the people buying them don't even know this. Breeders are extremely cruel by ripping away baby monkeys from their mothers when they are only a few weeks old, making it a very distressing experience for the baby monkey and the mum.Keeping primates as pets is wrong and cruel for the animal. You cannot take a non-domesticated animal and than expect to have a lovely pet like a cat or a dog.Spider monkeys are unfortunately fast turning into endangered species. People, sadly, are their greatest enemy. People hunt them down for meat and also drag them into lucrative pet trade.However, despite all this, people still get spider monkeys as pets. This book is for those people. If you DO decide to get a spider monkey, regardless of a...

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